Hai Dang fishing tackle would like to show you how to connect a super strong fishing rod. You watch the video on how to connect a super strong fishing rod on Hai Dang fishing channel Youtube.

Step 1: Prepare the core to connect the super strong fishing rod. – Inner core:

You can use materials including: Iron, solid or hollow carbon bars, solid glass bars, in the video. Hai Dang uses solid glass bars. You measure the diameter in the joint first and then find the right material to make the cone. At the transition stage, the reinforcement for this joint is the top of the rod, so Hai Dang will prioritize using 2 types of materials. Is carbon and glass rod because the 2 materials are lighter than iron. So it does not significantly affect the weight of the tops. If you use iron for the connecting rods, it will affect the counterweight of the rod. It is possible that the top will be heavier than the handle. – Outer core: it is best to use hollow carbon bars or hollow aluminum bars. You prepare the outer reinforcement as closely as possible, so don’t leave much looseness in the outer core with the inner core.

Step 2: Prepare the core, follow the video instructions below Note:

Guys, if the outer core is loose compared to the inner core, you should finish connecting the inner core and wait for the glue to dry and then apply a few more thin layers of glue so that the inner core and outer core are as tight as possible. Remember to thread the outer core before connecting the inner core.

*You guys watch more videos on Do Fish Hai Dang youtube channel:


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